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Monday September 13, 2010 (10:57pm)

Wow, seven months?
(while watching Sportcenter on ESPN)

Wow, it's been a while since I used my blog. I guess that's because I pretty much just use Facebook to communicate with people. Still, it's kind of sad that I do not make more posts in here.
 So, here's what I have been up to recently:

 Unfortunately, my buzz was harshed rather quickly as the season started out with both the Bengals and Raiders losing in embarassing fashion. Still, the season is young and anything can happen. The Bengals did show me signs that they can be good, and as for the Raiders... well, they still look pretty rad in their silver and black uniforms. You at least gotta give me that.
 -I have pretty much officially stopped playing Final Fantasy XI. Ever since CP stopped playing it hasn't been as fun. Besides, now that I know when Final Fantasy XIV is coming out (March 2011) I will just wait until then. Here are the games I've been playing recently: Madden 2003 (PC), NFL Blitz (PC), Shining Force CD (Sega CD), and Pattern (PC)
 -Also, I finished reading Book 11 of the Wheel Of Time Series. It wasn't the greatest in the series but it's getting close to the end so it's kind of exciting. I think I'm gonna start reading a book from another series next. It's called A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Friends recommended it. We'll see.
 -Almost time for TV shows to come back. It'll be nice. This summer was pretty bad TV wise, both because the Mariners suck and I don't like reality TV.
 -School is going ok. Still pulling a 4.0, which is sweet. I just finished back-to-back web design classes and now I'm in a project management class. Woo-hoo.
 -Health wise I'm doing ok. Still have the ECP treatments for another 3 monthsm but I do think my arms are getting better. My left eye still bugs me some but it's manageable with eye drops. Other than the normal aches and pains I feel in my body it's not so bad.
 -I hate loud music. It's just so... not quiet.
 -My buddy Roldog's grandma is going through a tough time medical-wise. Hang in their Roldog and I hope you grandma gets better.
 That's it for now. Later,

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