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10-05-16 Wed 09:01amHello!
09-13-10 Mon 10:57pmWow, seven months?
02-16-10 Tue 02:27pmCommitting to excellence, baby!
02-08-10 Mon 12:27pmLifting up the sun
01-27-10 Wed 03:32pm“Put on a smilin' face”
01-19-10 Tue 01:11pmGames
01-05-10 Tue 11:38amThe 2009 Awards
12-23-09 Wed 02:10pmIt's been a while
07-27-09 Mon 11:12am“It's a family affair”
07-08-09 Wed 01:06pm“The Inside”
05-30-09 Sat 11:26amA Weekend's Worth Of Welcomed Whimsical Wonder
04-15-09 Wed 12:39pm“I'm Here To Stay”
03-03-09 Tue 12:20pm“Awesome Sound Goin' Down”
02-11-09 Wed 03:27pmSad Panda
02-02-09 Mon 01:16pmNot-So-Shocking Results
01-27-09 Tue 11:59pm“Desire”
01-26-09 Mon 01:05pmMoving
01-20-09 Tue 12:05pmShocking the world
01-11-09 Sun 04:38pmCardinals, baby!
01-10-09 Sat 11:48amMore Updates
01-09-09 Fri 03:16pmI'm Back
09-12-08 Fri 02:47pm“Don't see some men as half empty...”
09-08-08 Mon 01:37pm“Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage”
08-16-08 Sat 03:31pm“And all those things that seemed so important... Well mister, they vanished right into the air.”
08-02-08 Sat 01:16pm“Once I start I cannot help myself”
06-24-08 Tue 02:21pm“I've been picking my scabs again”
06-19-08 Thu 02:36pm“Sim Sala Bim Bamba Sala Do Saladim!”
06-03-08 Tue 01:23pm4 Years, 0 Months, 2 Days in the life of...
05-30-08 Fri 01:32pmLost in Rant-ation
05-14-08 Wed 01:26pmThe “Not-So-Very-Special But-You-Know-More-Special-Than-Ford-Truck-Month Or-That-One-Thing-That-Puts-Beads-In-Your-Hair Um-What-Was-It-Called Oh-Yeah-Bead-Magic That-Thing-Is-So-Lame But-I-Digress” Special Report
04-15-08 Tue 12:02pm“We pay our debt sometime”
03-23-08 Sun 01:16pmEaster Sunday
03-13-08 Thu 12:21pmNo tolerance for bad movies
02-25-08 Mon 11:41amBiting, Clenching, Blaming...
02-05-08 Tue 10:41am“Searching for silences in the back of my mind”
01-23-08 Wed 02:57pmTV Nerds Unite!
01-15-08 Tue 12:34pmCrap-a-lula
01-14-08 Mon 10:30amI remember
01-10-08 Thu 01:12pmI love
01-07-08 Mon 12:40pm2007 Awards
12-28-07 Fri 11:05amDown With The Sickness
12-22-07 Sat 10:46amI hate
12-19-07 Wed 02:00pmTrippin' 2: Electric "Bungal"oo
12-12-07 Wed 12:42pmContainment
12-07-07 Fri 01:35amVacation Week
11-29-07 Thu 12:03pmTrippin'
11-23-07 Fri 02:44pmFun for the holidays
11-20-07 Tue 01:38pmThings are getting better
11-15-07 Thu 12:16pm“Take it away from eyes... Get it out of my sight...”
11-05-07 Mon 11:09amDoodie-Bum!
10-31-07 Wed 01:39pmHalloween!
10-24-07 Wed 11:34am“25 or 6 to Noon?”
10-22-07 Mon 10:42am“If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts”
10-17-07 Wed 01:59pmAs a matter of fact, I AM in a bad mood. How could you tell?
10-08-07 Mon 11:10am“Frustrated Incorporated”
10-04-07 Thu 02:50pmBad night
10-01-07 Mon 09:53amDumbass
09-24-07 Mon 12:09pmYay
09-11-07 Tue 05:27pmIt never ends
09-08-07 Sat 03:34pmSo to paraphrase...
09-07-07 Fri 11:02am“This is life as I know it. This is life as I know it.”
08-26-07 Sun 12:49pmSunday, boring Sunday
08-21-07 Tue 12:16amWeekend at Casey's
08-10-07 Fri 11:43am“It's been a bad day. Please don't take a picture!
It's been a bad day... Please!”
08-02-07 Thu 01:36pm“I'm just a Goddamn Chain Reaction”
07-29-07 Sun 09:53pmThe summertime blues
07-27-07 Fri 12:26pm“Things aren't as pretty on the inside”
07-26-07 Thu 12:39pm“The Greater Gray”
07-23-07 Mon 12:04pm“Give me life. Give me pain. Give me myself again.”
07-16-07 Mon 12:30pm“I'm not like them, but I can pretend. The sun is gone, but I have a light.”
07-13-07 Fri 11:50pmMore crap
07-08-07 Sun 09:21pmGetting my gimp on
07-01-07 Sun 09:57am“I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign, but It's my destiny to be the King of Pain.”
06-23-07 Sat 11:40amThis new song I like
06-13-07 Wed 10:40am“There's a little black spot on the sun today. It's the same old thing as yesterday.”
06-05-07 Tue 11:33amNothing to complain about
05-29-07 Tue 09:34amThe Sasquatch
05-24-07 Thu 02:13pmJust a quick one
05-22-07 Tue 01:36pmThe run around
05-15-07 Tue 02:36pmGetting settled in
05-09-07 Wed 10:26amSuper Karate Monkey Death Car
05-06-07 Sun 07:12pm...Which will later be talked about as the 16th greatest blog entry since the NFL merger
05-03-07 Thu 10:43amThree days after two days before the day before today
04-29-07 Sun 04:51pmSunday, boring Sunday... Sunday, boring Sunday...
04-27-07 Fri 10:32am“This is the beginning of the end”
04-21-07 Sat 12:59amTicking away...
04-15-07 Sun 09:40pm“The price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings.”
04-11-07 Wed 01:42pm“Now it's over. I'm dead, and I haven't done anything that I want. Or, I'm still alive, and there's nothing I want to do.”
04-09-07 Mon 12:19pmWhatever
04-05-07 Thu 12:28pmTimmy!
04-01-07 Sun 08:06pmI would like your help
03-30-07 Fri 11:25am“It's like, the more BLOGGING we come across, the more STUPID we see”
03-24-07 Sat 11:29amSupercali-BLOG-alisticexpiali-STUPID
03-18-07 Sun 01:13pm“I got my FIST. I got my PLAN. I got SURVIVALISM.”
03-14-07 Wed 11:36am“Feels so good... Feels so bad...”
03-08-07 Thu 04:20pmGetting back to basics
03-04-07 Sun 02:19pmFun with recent news
03-01-07 Thu 02:08pmWant vs. Need
02-25-07 Sun 11:29amTime to get your stupid on
02-24-07 Sat 11:35am“It doesn't hurt when I bleed”
02-22-07 Thu 11:05am“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”
02-19-07 Mon 02:37pmToo Tired To Come Up With A Clever Blog Title...
02-17-07 Sat 02:52pmHow I Spent My Friday Night
02-13-07 Tue 11:53am“We're not about to make that same mistake...”
02-12-07 Mon 04:35pmWho? Purr? Hooper?
02-11-07 Sun 11:08am“It's not funny, my ass is on fire!”
02-09-07 Fri 09:36am“Yo, that's... shizzle”
02-08-07 Thu 10:41am“I haven't felt like this in so long”
02-07-07 Wed 01:14pm“All these words I don't just say”
02-05-07 Mon 12:22pmOh My...
02-04-07 Sun 12:46pmUnderneath This Smile
01-29-07 Mon 10:38amOf Dragons and Trunk Monkey's
01-28-07 Sun 02:13pmSuccess!
01-21-07 Sun 04:32pm“I'll not lose my faith. It's an inside job today. I know this one thing well...”
01-14-07 Sun 11:39pmWho's more foolish? The fool or the fool who reads his blog entry?
01-05-07 Fri 09:54amStill down but not quite out
12-27-06 Wed 10:34amOww...
12-18-06 Mon 12:51pmGetting my "nerd" on
12-11-06 Mon 12:51pmQuit your jibba-jabba!
12-06-06 Wed 11:27amLet's all have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!
12-01-06 Fri 10:07amThis blog entry sucks more than the last one but not as much as the one before that
11-24-06 Fri 10:12amThis blog entry title also sucks. You've been warned.
11-18-06 Sat 12:03pmThis blog entry title sucks
11-14-06 Tue 09:56am“Now you know. THIS is what it feels like.”
01-28-06 Sat 12:24pmGut Stuff