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Wednesday October 5, 2016 (09:01am)

(while watching The NeverEnding Story with Caroline)

Hello Internet!
 Boy, it really has been awhile since I was last here! What have I been up to? Lots of things of course! Why have I not been writing about it? Well, I kinda have, only I've been using Facebook as my outlet. But sometimes it's nice to ditch the social media and just write what I feel here on my website.
 Let's see... well, the biggest and bestest thing that's happened in the past five years is my girlfriend Heather! She's awesome, both my best friend and my partner. We've been together for a couple years and things are going great. We plan to move in together soon and we're really excited about it. I can't wait to live with her!
 Another new person in my life is my niece Caroline! She's totally awesome, even for a toddler! She's funny and silly and loves 80s movies like "The NeverEnding Story" and "Howard The Duck". She's everything I ever wanted in a niece! Hooray!
 Then there's always the Cincinnati Bengals. They've been pretty good for years now, but can't seem to win a damn playoff game. Don't even get me started on last years playoff loss. Seriously, don't even. My therapist says that anything within the next 15 years is still in the "too soon" phase.
 My health is ok, definitely not horrible but could be better. I have sclerosis in my arms and legs, which sucks. I'm currently in a drug trial to try and help it, so far I think It's helping but we'll see. My left leg still isn't quite normal as I have pains ranging from my hip to my toe but I can still get around ok. My mental health is ok but with a GF like Heather that could change at any moment (just kidding :P)
 Still love video games but I'm becoming more of a classic gamer than ever before. I'm really into the Sega Genesis right now. Hands down my favorite system. Been adding some real classics to my Genesis collection like Gain Ground, Raiden Trad, Lightening Force, NFL '98, and Fire Shark to name a few. Go Sega!
 Also coffee and sandwiches. And sports and computers. And friends and family. And Star Wars, both old and new and really new. I love you all! Laters,

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