This game is based on a mini-game from the Golden Sun series of games on the Game Boy Advance. The game is played by rolling two six-sided dice on a board with six equal sized areas. After the dice are rolled there will be four different numbers used for scoring: the two numbers on the dice and the numbers of the two areas the dice land on.

How To Play:

To play GS-Dice, simply simply click on the "Roll" button to roll the dice. After each roll you will earn credits based on the outcome of the roll. Click the "Roll" button at the end of each roll to reset the dice and roll them again.


At the end of each roll, credits will be earned for the following:

One Pair = 10 credits
Two Pair = 20 credits
Three of a Kind = 40 credits
Straight = 50 credits
Four of a Kind = 100 credits
Anything else = 0 credits


The game starts with 100 credits. Each roll of the dice will reduce your credits by 20. If you do not have at least 20 credits then the game is over. The game ends when you reach 1000 credits.


There are five different power settings. The power settings determine how hard the dice are rolled. The higher the power the harder the dice are rolled. Try different power settings to make the dice land on a different part of the playing area.


Each round of play will have two different possible bonuses: a 3x Bonus and a 5x Bonus. These bonuses will apply if you get One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, or Four of a Kind on one of the two bonus numbers. The 3x Bonus will give you three times the credits and the 5x Bonus will give you five times the credits. NOTE: If you get a Two Pair and only one of the numbers is a bonus number then you will not receive a bonus. However, if you get a Two Pair and both numbers are the 3x and 5x Bonus numbers you will get 15 times the credits.